Airport Security Auditing
Kirschenbaum Consulting offers review services to airports and airport authorities.
We carry out comprehensive on-the-ground review that provide our customers
with a clear and complete situation report showing their overall readiness
for non-routine situations and emergencies.

This includes the KC Security Index which allows senior security managers to gauge
the level of overall and specific security and safety levels.

The extensive review is carried out by a team of experts specializing in behavioural studies and crisis management, and is based on an innovative methodology developed by KC.

The in-depth review aims to obtain descriptions and data on how emergencies and security threats are actually handled. The results are subsequently compared with existing procedures.

The qualitative and quantitative data are gathered through cost-effective means by applying a validated advanced scientific methodology. This methodology includes combinations of ethnographic observations, interviews, questionnaire-based surveys and panel discussions. The review encompasses employees in general and security and safety personnel in particular.

Once the review is complete, a full report is submitted, reflecting the current situation and recommendations for improvement.


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